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Twigse brings together all banking and digital tools, from exchanging, accounting and transferring to NFTs and decentralized communities - conveniently, securely and confidentially.

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For whom Twigse?

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    Twigse is suitable for all types of companies, partnerships and organizations.

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    Twigse is a unique model for the growth of your business with partners from all over the world.

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    With Twigse, it is possible to combine the efforts of many participants in the achievement of common goals.

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    Twigse helps you build your own business from the ground up, optimizing your start-up time and costs.

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    Twigse eliminates bureaucratic costs and cross-border barriers for remittances and business transactions.

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    Twigse will be a tool for entrepreneurs to raise funds for business development without the need for bank loans.

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    Twigse services offer a wide range of financial tools, from paid subscriptions and crowd funding to deposit accounts and currency conversion.

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    Twigse can be used successfully for small businesses and as a financial service for the whole family.

  • For you and your finances
  • Sports and Gaming Teams
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Traders and Investors
  • Networking
    and MLM companies
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Distributor
    and dealer networks
  • Brands and Studios

Participate in mining TWIG cryptocurrency through sports training with our partner app JUST. Use Twigse to exchange, store and transfer your earned cryptocurrency.

Learn more about JUST

Green Mining

Connect to a unique mining algorithm that converts your exercise energy into TWIG cryptocurrency. The algorithm reads your activity from sensors and smartwatches connected to JUST and pays out rewards similar to classic mining where you replace the graphics card yourself.

Just app screenJust app screen
Just app screen NFTJust app screen NFT

NFT Collections

Exchange your earned TWIGs for limited edition NFT clothing collections. Increase your earnings by collecting the entire collection. Sell past collections for a profit on our NFT Exchange.

DeFi Bank Features

  • Signing up for Twigse gives you access to all financial transactions without additional paperwork.
  • You can act as a lender or borrower by lending to each other using TWIG, the cryptocurrency.
  • You can create a joint corporate cash flow management system with profit sharing between partners.
  • Banking tools ensure full confidentiality and security of your financial transactions.
  • Take advantage of "Green Mining" to earn on sports training.
  • Financial services such as paid subscriptions, donations, crowdfunding campaigns and issuing your own currency are available to you.
  • Banking includes all the features of traditional financial institutions - from deposit accounts and transfers to cryptocurrency conversion.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface helps you quickly start using all financial features.

Effective Solutions


All business networking and digital banking features in one place. Make fast payments and transfers, store and exchange cryptocurrency, participate in business chats and corporate channels.


A workspace for entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized businesses. Online banking can help make payroll payments to employees or confidential payments to your partners.

Business Communities

Integrate your organization's companies or divisions into a business community. The community will help you scale your business quickly, attract new partners, and optimize financial and organizational costs.


Brands help you manage your team of employees and subscribers at the same time. This type of company is great for entrepreneurs to network sales and audience growth.


Connect teams of employees and subscribers from different companies in the public community. You can simultaneously develop business with new partners, create information flows, and grow your audience.

Business without Borders

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