Twigse is an Open Network for business management and digital asset.

Twigse is the easiest place to develop all types of businesses and using digital currencies for lending and payments between companies and users.

Register your business with Twigse and get unique opportunities for an online company and financial management. Add your company to similar pools for joint business development and costs optimization with other companies:

In Twigse you can set up a Pool and manage all the departments and staff of your holding/corporation or connect other companies to the Pool for joint lending and business development:

Create your company Create your pool

Your Company

  • Employees — salary

  • Bank accounts — 20 currencies

  • Common chat rooms

  • News Feed

  • Document storage and workflow

Payments and transactions between companies

Crediting between companies

Uniting partner companies into business pools

Your Pool

Company A
Company B
Company C
  • Staff consolidation

  • Profit distribution system

  • Company Credit

    Company credit system

  • General informational channel and chats

  • Interdepartmental workflow

Payments and transactions to pools and companies

Interpool credit and company credit

Connecting to the pool of companies from anywhere in the world

Our clients

Why Twigse?

  • 1

    The platform is suitable for the development of all types of companies, partnerships and associations.

  • 2

    The unique Twigse model allows companies to instantly find and do business with new partners from all over the world.

  • 3

    Twigse helps to join forces of different companies together to achieve common goals.

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    Twigse helps you set up your own business from scratch and save a lot of time and money at the start.

  • 5

    Twigse eliminates all banking costs and transboundary barriers for business.

  • 6

    Twigse decentralized banking allows companies to lend their business on their own without going to a bank or lending institution.

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    The platform's DeFi capabilities provide companies with an array of financial instruments, from subscriptions and crowdfunding to deposit accounts and currency conversion.

  • 8

    In Twigse, you can run a small company in a provincial town or a global, transboundary corporation on a laptop with equal ease.

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The possibilities of decentralized banking

  • When you register a customer or company profile, the platform's banking instantly allows you to use 20 accounts in popular cryptocurrencies

  • Companies and Pools can serve as creditors or borrowers, lending to each other with TWIG coin, on the security of a stable USDC coin or their business

  • In Pools, companies can jointly create a corporate cash-flow management system with profit-sharing capabilities between partners

  • All transactions within one Pool of companies and personal/business accounts of one customer are absolutely free

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  • Customers get the unique opportunity to combine personal and business accounts into one profile for ease of use

  • Companies get opportunities to create financial services, such as paid subscriptions, crowdfunding campaigns, or donations in any of the 20 cryptocurrencies

  • The platform's banking includes virtually all features of financial institutions from deposit accounts and transactions to the conversion of cryptocurrencies

  • The platform banking has a convenient and intuitive interface with a digital signature from an SMS message

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Our TWIG coin was introduced and integrated to support crediting and instant transfers for companies.

  • speed icon

    Instant transactions

  • credit-card icon

    Commission-free payment for platform services

  • smart-contracts icon

    Full anonymity and transactions security

  • commissions icon

    Zero commission on transactions in Pools

  • zero-commissions icon

    Commission-free conversion in major currency pairs

  • twig icon

    Buying and selling TWIG for fiat currencies

  • crowdfunding icon

    Ability to open escrow accounts in companies and Pools

  • fiat icon

    Company-to-company lending on the security of USDC or business

  • block icon

    Ability to block transactions and make refunds

  • purchase icon

    Buying and selling products

Solutions for business

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