What is Twigse?

Twigse is the blockchain-based online platform granting networking and partnership opportunities for businesses and consumers in the B2B, B2C and social network arenas. Twigse is creating commercial partnerships by linking their activities and innovations, both financially and socially.

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Why join Twigse?

  • Because... every member is able to create, curate and grow their own companies and themed Pools

  • Because... Twigse saves time and money for members by eliminating banking costs and other adminsitrative fees

  • Because... Twigse unites relevant members' businesses, shops and buyers all in one pool

  • Because... Twigse is based on the blockchain and its model allows seamless payment transactions through recognised cryptocurrencies

  • Because... Twigse allows members with startups to save money in promotional costs for their target market

  • Because...Twigse has individual chatrooms with adjustable privacy levels and incognito entities (incognito profile, hidden page and hidden chats)

  • Because... Twigse's unique networking model enables members to join a number of pools in quicktime

Users benefitting from Twigse

Get involved. Together.

Take part in carrying out a dream. The World Wide Web was designed to be truly global, without borders and containing few obstacles. Twigse now delivers this original vision for the global business environment.

Get independent. Together.

Compete in the same pool with global media conglomerates, publicise and secure investment opportunities with crowdfunding initiatives and send instant payments on the blockchain to partners and third party companies. This is seamlessly completed with multiple internet banking options through Twigse’s integrated cryptocurrency banking facility.

Get recognized. Together.

The globally recognised and regulated companies for transactions on the Twigse platform are our official partners in Huobi - the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchange and BitGo the global leader in digital asset financial services, where members will access their hot wallets. They have already made names for themselves and are willing to reach out to our users.

Commercial options

  • When registering a member profile or as a company founder, the automatic account creation instantly allows for 20 cryptocurrencies

  • Members can use several popular cryptocurrencies at the same time for payments and settlements

  • An easy banking process with digital signatures, an intuitive interface and no lengthy documentation

  • Deposits can be made in different cryptocurrencies and on several separate accounts. There is also a free exchange of cryptocurrencies for goods and services for the platform's individual users

  • An easy financial process with digital signatures, an intuitive interface and no lengthy documentation

  • There are instant and free money transfers for Twigse members, pools and partner companies.

  • Twigse has a corporate money flow management system with options to merge accounts and activities

  • Services are inclusive of transfers, payments for purchased goods, subscriptions, crowdfunding, donations and fees

  • Companies benefit from an independent business account

  • Members will be able to add and withdraw funds on the platform

TWIG Token

Although the Twigse platform will be host to more than 90 cryptocurrencies for transactions, Twigse now has its own token, the TWIG coin. Created by our team based on EOS (eosio.token) TWIG will have all of the innovative features of mainstream tokens, yet has its own unique solutions which include:

  • High speed transactions from transfers to exchange sessions

  • TWIG will be the primary financial tool available to members

  • Instant payments and purchases with TWIG in chats and news feeds for both individual users and companies.

  • Zero commissions on any TWIG transactions within the platform

  • The purchase and sale of commodities via the Twigse platform pools

  • A link to smart-contracts with token deposit and further “on hold” status feature. The token is transferred to counter- parties only after all contract terms and conditions are met

  • Complete safety on all activities executed via TWIG

  • The purchase and sale of 10 Cryptocurrencies for fiat

  • Options for paid subscriptions, crowdfunding and donations to companies and pools in Twigse

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