Decentralized lending and digital assets' management for business

Twigse – is a digital platform managing businesses and decentralized finances with integrated options for pools and partnerships of companies.

It offers its users a cryptocurrency banking system carrying unique solutions for credit financing as well as entity accounting and settlements.

Register your business within Twigse and instantly get unique capabilities to manage your company and finances online. Join company Pools in the same field to mutually grow and optimize spending as well as operational costs.

In Twigse you can institute a Pool and via it supervise all offices and employees of your holding/corporation or choose to encourage other companies to join for mutual credit financing and business growth.

Create you company Create you pool

Your Company

  • Employees salaries and wages

  • Bank accounts in 20 currencies

  • General chat-rooms

  • News feed

  • Storage and management of corporate documents

Inter-companies’ payments and transfers

Inter-companies’ credit financing

Unification of partner companies into business Pools

Your Pool

Company A
Company B
Company C
  • Unification of workforce

  • Profit distribution system

  • Company Credit

    Credit financing for companies

  • General information channel and chat rooms

  • Inter-subsidiary corporate document management

Inter-Pools and inter companies’ payment and transfers

Inter-Pools and inter-companies’ credit financing

Options for companies from all over the globe to join a Pool

Our clients

Why Twigse?

  • 1

    Platform is suitable for all types of companies, partnerships and associations.

  • 2

    Our unique model helps companies to instantly find new business partners anywhere on the face of the planet.

  • 3

    Twigse opens way to joining efforts of multiple companies aiming for mutual goals.

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  • 4

    Our decentralized banking allows companies to raise credits on their own, without banks or lending institutions.

  • 5

    Twigse eliminates all banking charges and business-inhibiting across-border barriers.

  • 6

    Twigse gives a chance to create one’s own business from scratch and save considerable time and money during its initial stage.

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  • 7

    Platform’s DeFi toolset empowers clients with a huge variety of financial instruments from subscriptions and crowdfunding to deposits and currency exchange.

  • 8

    Via Twigse one can effortlessly run a small niche company or a gigantic multipurpose transnational corporation with no scale-wise difference from a regular laptop.

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Decentralized banking features

  • Companies and Pools can be both creditors and debtors for each other via TWIG coin with USDC stable asset or one’s own business as a security deposit

  • Pool companies can together create corporate finance supervision systems that take care of profit distribution among partners

  • Free transfers within any single company Pool and for all single user’s personal/business accounts

  • Access to up to 20 accounts in popular crypto currencies upon user’s or company’s profile registration

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  • Unique and smooth way to unite and enjoy personal and business accounts in one profile

  • Access to a variety of financial services such as paid subscription, crowdfunding or donations in any of 20 crypto currencies

  • All powers of regular financial institutions from deposits and transfers to crypto currencies’ exchange

  • User-friendly interface with SMS-based digital signature

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Our own TWIG coin was introduced and integrated to support creditingand instant transfers for companies.

  • speed icon

    Instant transfers

  • credit-card icon

    Zero commissions for platform’s services charges

  • smart-contracts icon

    Total transactions’ anonymity and safety

  • commissions icon

    Zero commissions for Pools’ inner transactions

  • zero-commissions icon

    Zero commissions for majorpairs exchange

  • twig icon

    TWIG purchase/sell for fiat currencies

  • crowdfunding icon

    Escrow accounts for companies and Pools

  • fiat icon

    Inter-company credit financing with USDC or one’s business as a security deposit

  • block icon

    Transfer blocks and recalls

  • purchase icon

    Purchase/sell of goods

Solutions for business

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